Solutions: Data Centre Infrastructure

Ensure high-performance data and application availability and data management efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of your data centre. Lower your operating costs with a streamlined management process, automated monitoring, and virtualisation.

Xpanse provide infrastructure solutions for on-premise and hybrid cloud enterprise data centres. We employ quality-assured best practice strategies that allow organisations to maximise their IT investment and performance output for many years to come.

APC by Schneider DataCentre Infrastructure
Improve your organisation’s green rating with intelligent, energy efficient datacenter solutions, for even the most complex data environments. APC by Schneider infrastructure offers turnkey data centre solutions with industry-leading cabinet, power, cooling and monitoring features, deployed with ease. Advanced datacenter management software ensures high data availability and operational efficiency for businesses of any size.

Let Xpanse’s experienced team help you design, plan and implement the ideal data centre for your enterprise, accounting for all your storage, computing, protection and recovery requirements.