Solutions: Virtualisation

The economic benefits of virtualisation are easy to embrace. Use shared storage and processing resources with smart virtualisation software to gain better utilisation from the same or fewer assets. Increase your market responsiveness by bypassing entire procurement cycles – simply deploy new servers in minutes on virtual machines. Streamlined backup and recovery processes will ensure minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.

Xpanse’s virtualisation solutions make it easy to save on capital and operating expenses; save on software licensing and upgrades; automate data protection, recovery, monitoring and maintenance; reduce the environmental footprint of your data centre; and lay a foundation for easily adapting to future technology challenges.


VMware vSphere
vSphere is the market leading hypervisor platform, running up to thousands of virtual machines with reduced physical infrastructure requirements. Enjoy powerful server virtualisation, streamlined operational efficiencies, consistent management, robust security, integrations for widely used applications, and high system availability over an optimised local or cloud environment.

Xpanse partners with VMware for their outstanding performance in virtualisation and efficiency in resource optimisation. Let us help you design and implement a virtual infrastructure that offers a seamless experience to your users, your IT staff, and your bottom line.